Scheduling jobs using BizYak

Scheduling a job using the BizYak interface is much easier than typing in an address or phone number. In most cases you can pop to the customer record in just a couple of clicks. Often all you have to do is check to make sure that the address the system pulls up is the same as the jobsite they want to order work for. It eliminates incorrect spellings and duplicate records.

By scheduling through BizYak, you attach a link to the actual phone recording of the call to the customer job record regardless of how the customer is calling you. So if a maintenance man calls you from his cell phone, a customer calls from her work phone for her home, or a property manager calls to order work from a blocked number, the call is still recorded and linked to the specific job record. By simply going to the jobsite record, you can listen to any calls that pertained to the job. If you simply record the call using a conventional system, you may never be able to find it.

BizYak also knows what number was dialed. So if you have different phone numbers on different media campaigns, you can get reports for each campaign. Because the call is linked to the actual invoice, you can not only get counts per phone number dialed, but also revenue by campaign for any date range. So when it comes time to renew an ad, you will know how much money the campaign produced, not just how many spammers called you.

If you are using a campaign where the advertiser owns the phone number, you can point their calls to an unique BizYak number. That way, you get all the benefits of the BizYak system, but also a list of everyone who called that number. If you decide to cancel the campaign, you can notify your customers to change the number in their records.

Tech to Customer Phone Calls

Tech to Customer Phone Calls

You can set up a BizYak number as a Tech to customer Number. When the tech calls the T2C number, the JaRay system recognizes the tech’s
phone number and redirects it to the last customer that they were dispatched to.

The tech doesn’t need to know the customer’s phone number and can simply select the T2C number as a speed dial number. The same BizYak T2C number is used for all techs for each company (dispatch board) that you have.

When you dispatch the job, the system points the Tech’s mobile number listed in the employee file (from main menu 2,U,8) to the customer’s number that you put into the scheduling screen when you scheduled the job. It is going to call the “Phone # to use” and should be manually entered when you schedule to make sure that the customer can be reached. You may need to enter the area code.

When the tech calls the T2C number, the customer sees the caller-id of the office, not the Tech’s cell phone. The call is automatically recorded and a link is created to the call in the customer record. The call is logged and the dispatcher or answering service can see that the tech called the customer and what time the call was made.