Recording outgoing calls from any phone

Documenting and being able to find the documentation will become increasingly important in the days to come. In any business, the players change. Employees come and go. Memories are filtered by variables beyond your control. People tend to remember things differently. FLSA, HIPAA, PCA, OSHA, EEOC, OCR, HR, Liability Insurance, Federal and Local taxes, Local permits and inspections, as well as a myriad of other government regulatory agencies, not to mention customers, employees, vendors and inspectors who may have their own agendas could destroy your business and everything you’ve worked for overnight. Errors get made. The more employees we have, the more apt that someone will say or do something that could be wrong, interpreted wrong, or twisted to fit the motives of an adversary.

We’ve put together a very inexpensive process to help you record phone calls from any phone, even your cell phone and even if you are not at a computer. You can then attach the recordings to the appropriate customer or employee record so that you can find the recording when and if you need it and make it easy so that you can go on with life. If you need the recording months or even years later, you can get to it by simply going to the appropriate record. The very act of recording the call puts the caller on his best behavior and makes him or her aware that they need to be careful about what they say.
There is nothing to install, no setup on your part, no hardware, and it takes very little effort. You can use any phone, even your home phone or a cell phone. The caller-id that the person you call sees is that of your company, so your home and cell phone number is protected.

Each company only needs one local phone number. The way that the system works is that you click or input the number you want to call in JaRay and then call the BizYak number that your company is assigned. The BizYak number is redirected to the number you want to call and the recipient sees the caller-id of your company, not the phone you are calling from.

From a customer record, simply click the phone icon next to any phone number. You will get a popup showing the number to call. Once the call is initiated, anyone else can click a different customer or vendor number and make a call, even while the first call is going on. The process is instant and highly scalable so there is no limit to the number of calls that can be made simultaneously. If you are calling a number that isn’t associated with a customer record, you can input the number, make the call and make a note on the screen so that you can look it up later. You can create a master record for the customer, vendor, agency, or insurance company and simply attach the call at any time. That way, everything is together.

When a call is completed, the recording is moved to your cloud storage bucket and a “” url is created. You can email the link or simply paste it into a browser to listen to the recording from any computer.

We care deeply about you and feel that this is something that everyone should implement. The cost is only $5 per month per phone number and 5 cents per minute. You do need the CloudLinkit option in JaRay, but I think that almost everyone has that anyway. The file sizes are so small that the cost of storage is miniscule.