Famhost Phones

For over three years, JaRay mobile workers using BizYak have been able to text messages and commands into JaRay. They can look up job history, send photos of their drivers to their customers and customers can send photos into the office. Customers send pictures of their hot water tank model number, faucets, and anything they want to your office. Many JaRay users send back photos and information to their customers using the BizYak program with SMS or MMS texting. Coupons, a photo of the technician, and even photos of different types of equipment options are exchanged more and more. The technician can call a customer and their office phone number will display on the customer’s caller ID  instead of the technicians mobile number. They can fill out invoices, create Purchase Orders and Bids, do inspections, manage inventory and even process credit cards all over the phone using a Famhost app. Mobile phones have become a standard tool in the way we communicate.

These options are well tested and used by hundreds of JaRay users. They work on any phone on any carrier. But many of our customers struggle with overages and the high costs of phone plans, so we’ve put together a winning combination of software and hardware options.

Famhost Phone
Famhost Phone Specs

The Famhost Phone utilizes the latest in communication technologies. It is more than just an integration into different apps and has more functionality than phones on other carriers. Everything that happens on the phone is automatically logged into JaRay. Every conversation, both incoming and outgoing is recorded automatically. The phones even report their location every 5 minutes if they move and are displayed on an overview map which also shows the all the jobs and their status. Managers can simply text a command to see the location of the tech on their own phone and even the job they were dispatched to.

I’ve got a storage unit full of various mobile devices, phones, tablets and accessories that have been acquired for the past 20 years in our quest for getting data from the field, but this is the first time I’ve ever felt comfortable enough with a mobile phone to offer it as a service and bundle it with the accessories needed to make it a solid and dependable solution. The phones and networks are finally rugged and stable enough to be dependable.

The Famhost Phone is the ultimate mobile worker’s communication tool and includes all of the hardware and software that a technician needs to do the job right. The Famhost Phone is currently available only to customers that are already using the Famhost Real Time Forms and are using the JaRay Software system.

Before you sign up on a long term plan with a cellular carrier, give us a call and let’s talk. You will be glad you did. We’re here for you. 800-658-1676 @famhost.

Famhost new offices and training options

As many of you know, this last 3 months have been quite eventful. I’ve wanted to restart the blog many times and tell you about all of the changes in JaRay and Famhost but they have been so fast in coming that I just couldn’t even begin.

Staffing update:


We are growing! Many of our employees have been with us a long time . . . some even decades, but we’ve got some new faces. We are updating our website and will put photos and bios of everyone and their contact info there. We should have it updated next week. I’ll give you the scoop on them in upcoming blogs. You can also connect with us @famhost on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube and Pinterest. Each of us brings unique skill sets to help you grow your business.

Office update:

We’ve outgrown our current office and are in the process of moving into the building that houses our critical-services server farm. The entire facility is being designed for collaboration and training and we’re looking forward to having training meetings on site. Every office has a 65 inch interactive monitor. Two state of the art conference rooms have 70 inch interactive monitors and our small training area has both an interactive 90 inch and 60 monitor. We also have 40 inch monitors in various areas to show work flow and demos with. All of the offices have whiteboards and even one of the kitchens has a 65 inch monitor and gorilla glass whiteboard for spontaneous collaboration. The campus has its own cafeteria and we can seat over 100 people in the large training area. We can’t wait to have you visit us.


Software update:

The biggest changes have been in our mobile platform software and how it interacts with GPS Window, CloudLinkit, and JaRay. The net result is that our mobile development and core products will all work together to enable you to set up secure work flow processes. That means that you can make sure that certain things are done before others and that nothing will be missed. It makes the entire system smarter so that you can concentrate on servicing your customers better and less on data input and computer stuff.

The mapping system continues to get much faster and more interactive. JaRay is sporting all kinds of new reports and alerts, scanning and document management is much more powerful and accessible, and the mobile platform is stable, faster and easier for your field workers to use.

We have a new R&D lab which will be focused on sensors and cameras for vehicles. When you come to reception area, Tim Garcia (our security specialist) will take your picture and print an interactive badge that will enable you to access various parts of the facility. You will be able to see how your movements are monitored, just like your equipment will be.

As we migrate to our web services platform, we will enable your customers to interact more and more with JaRay. You can already automatically send texts and email to your customers with photos of your mobile workers when they are dispatched, but we want your customers to say “WOW!” when they see how you take care of them through state of the art systems. When your field workers create bids and show the differences between your services, we want them to feel confident and your customers to understand the benefits you offer.

I’m committed to exposing the hidden gems in the Famhost family of integrated business applications so that you can get the what you deserve from the system.

Stay tuned and hang on to your britches. It’s going to be a fun ride!