What cybercrime costs U.S. businesses

Famhost was one of the first companies in the world to host an enterprise application. We’ve been hosting the JaRay software since 1999. Initially, customers were very concerned about going to a hosted platform because they felt that their data would be more secure on their own servers. Now everyone wants a hosted system because they understand the potential risks. But are all systems the same?

Cybercrime is now more profitable than the global drugs trade. Check out this infographic.


Many of our security processes and encryption processes can’t be disclosed, but we don’t open customer uploaded digital files on the same servers or platforms as our processing servers. Your employees can’t even directly connect to data or programs, they just see the screens that our servers produce.  You can control what data they can see from any device. Data can’t be compromised by disgruntled employees or by cyber criminals. Famhost has never had a data breach in the 33 years that we have provided your software. That is a track record very few software companies can claim.

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