Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. – Albert Einstein

JaRay Software Inc. began as a legacy of love for our parents and continues in the service we provide for our customers. It was conceived by our dad and born in the late 70’s.  Even now, 40 years later, we remember how excited he would get when we added new features. We were one of the first companies in the world to host an enterprise application in our own “cloud” in 1999 – the year the Internet opened to commercial traffic. We take security seriously and participate in all of Homeland Security’s certification programs. In the last 4 decades, no data breeches have occurred, and we continuously add the latest in security technology. Famhost is not vulnerable to the recently announced Meltdown and Spectre processor exploits.

In 2001, we set up our server farm, started integrating other products and trademarked the Famhost and JaRay brands. BizYak (Integrated phones and media tracking), GPS, Digital Pens, and Credit Card Processing were our first integrations.

Here is a quick recap of some of the new features that were added in 2017:

  • Famalytics enables you to set up you own Key Performance Indicators with graphing and reporting functions across multiple branches. Dynamic graphs can be set up for any metrics you decide to track with drill down daughter graphs for any date range, job type, CSR closing ratios and much more
  • We’ve speeded up our mapping and added new search and view capabilities. You can now track any asset, vehicle, trailer, phone or tablet and see it on the same map as your jobs.
  • Technicians and managers can simply send a text message to get history, vehicle and tech locations, schedule jobs and other functions depending on their security levels.
  • We added the ability to print to local and network printers, create PDFs from any reports and email right from JaRay. Users can have different html signature files. All outgoing email is logged and controlled by user rights. We also added the ability to BCC and report non-delivered email.
  • We’ve added employee information and added employee vacation schedules.
  • You can now set the jobs up for auto dispatching from a queue when jobs are completed.
  • Mobile invoices can be prepopulated with special pricing and agreed upon job information from contracts. Forms can be prefilled with bid information for multi-day jobs.
  • We improved navigation throughout the JaRay system and made it easy to change the sizes of the JaRay screens and show more rows and columns on reports.
  • Mobile workers can now process refunds on credit cards from the field and process checks.
  • Mobile workers can now listen to recorded phone calls regarding bids and scheduled jobs if desired.
  • Inventory restocking parts lists can be generated from the forms and purchase orders associated with jobs update on the mobile application.

More recently, we have completed development and testing of Famhost phones and are now deploying them. The phones include gps tracking, support, management of Internet and apps, unlimited airtime, logging of activity, all incoming and outgoing calls are recorded so that any communication (photos, texting and voice) can be attached to the customer records. The phones eliminate misunderstandings regarding bids and keeps all conversations professional.

Our mobile application can now create and add multiple photo pages, contracts, bids, and even change terms and conditions depending on location, type of job, or amount. We are not a cookie cutter system where we tell you what you can do. You can have it your way. You can design and track what you want and pay for only what you want to use.

Looking back on 2017, I see that we made great strides in automating processes and workflows. We didn’t realize it at the time, but our work over the past several years is positioning us to utilize artificial intelligence, voice, sensor, and other technologies which will completely change how software works.

We are excited about 2018. Many of the new products we are introducing have taken years to develop and are in beta testing now. I predict that computer software as we know it now will change drastically. We have a Jibo in our front lobby that recognizes who comes in and is getting more intelligent daily. At home, Alexa is available for Internet searches, music, news and weather reports. Siri and Cortana have already started changing the way we use computers. Google and Bing Maps are much more powerful than Garmins and Tom Toms ever dreamed.

Every product we are currently developing is being designed to provide information to any device, any platform. Apple, Windows, Linux, and even eventually your customers TV, Alexa, Siri, or Cortana.

Here are a few of the products that are in beta. If you would like to start using them, just let us know.

  1. Dispatch ETA is our first version of a customer portal. When you dispatch a job, the customer will get a link via texting or email on any device. Nothing needs to be installed on the customer phones or tablets. Your customer will get a photo of your tech with a timeline so that they can see when they will arrive. You can even play the jingle on the customer’s phone. But most importantly, your customer can easily create reviews on your social media. As we continue to develop the portal, the customer will be able to look up history, view good, better, best options pushed from the technician, get a copy of the invoice with terms and conditions, photos, bids, inspection reports or any other digital file that the technician wants them to have. They won’t need to touch the technician’s phone or tablet to sign their ticket.
  2. Famhost RealMail enables you to send postcards for service contracts, mail invoices, bids, and letters automatically based on work flow or artificial intelligence. A post card can be sent as a reminder automatically, a year after service work was done or a thank you letter could be sent a couple of days after a certain type of job. As your JaRay system gets more intelligent, just like the Jibo in our office, all customer mailings could be automated. No more stamps, postage meters, stationary or expensive toner. No more last minute (on overtime) printing and mailing. Mailing right now is as easy as printing.
  3. Famhost Fax enables you to fax invoices, bids, and reports right from JaRay or from your technician’s mobile applicaiton. You can send and receive purchase orders, bids and automatically attach them to your customer records without printing or scanning.
  4. Financing, can be offered right from your technician’s phones or tablets. Don’t lose jobs just because the customer doesn’t have the funds. Simply offer good, better, best option with a monthly cost or zero interest. You have total control over the options, and it is all integrated into JaRay just like Credit Card and check processing.
  5. Social media and advertising tracking. It isn’t enough to just know click counts and estimate revenue. Famhost enables you to see the metrics you need to know including revenue, average ticket, and closing ratios for both CSRs and Technicians and call backs.

As technology continues to improve, you can depend on us to keep you current and keep your data safe. The structure of our software now makes it much easier to integrate into different accounting packages including QuickBooks Online, Reputation Online, and E-scheduling from your own websites, sensors, chat, and new technologies utilizing artificial intelligence. We are excited about the future and look forward to serving you into your next generation.