Mobile Apps Buttons

Making it easy with RealTime Forms


Here are some of the new buttons that you can add to your forms to not only reduce phone calls back to the office but make it so much easier for the mobile workers:

History: The History Button pops up the history of the jobsite. Including how much is owed, priority level, payment terms, discounts, location of cleanouts, warranties, recent work done, and other important information about the jobsite.  The techs can now even look up the history on jobs that they are scheduled to after hours by the answering service.

Work Ordered: This popup on the form simply reminds the tech what the customer wanted done. . . not that they would forget!

Navigation: Opens an interactive map routing the technician to the job with turn by turn and traffic conditions.

Job Call: Plays the actual recorded phone call of the customer ordering the work. The technician can zoom quickly through the call. When the job is dispatched, any phone call can be designated.

Help: Plays a video that walks the technician through how to fill out the form. Your forms can be as complex or as simple as you want. You can have different invoices for different types of work, different bids, inspection forms, time sheets, etc.Screenshot_20170829-065310

Sketch Pad and Photos: This will create a new page. If it isn’t selected, it won’t be included. These pages can be designed any way you want. You can even sketch on top of photos.

Preventive Maintenance Contract or Customer Protection Plan: Automatically create a special contract – all filled out with whatever information you have in JaRay or elsewhere on the form.

Workflow options: How about different terms and conditions for different types of work or if the ticket exceeds an amount . . . on just residential? Want special pricing options for certain customers, or how about sending the ticket to a manager for approval before the customer signs it? If you can dream it,  RealTime Forms can do it!

Did you know that if you schedule a job from a contract, everything is filled in automatically for the technician! All they need to do is the work! Now, if we could just figure out how to do that too.



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