Updating prices in Real Time Forms

Price selections for Invoices, Flat Rate, Bids, and Preventative Maintenance.

As with most data sets in Real Time Forms, when you update the databases in JaRay, all of your mobile workers’ tablets and phones are updated automatically – in real time!

You can set different customers or types of customers to use different price lists (not counting discounts). This is useful for many types of pricing scenarios, but especially for flat-rate pricing which usually has four prices: preferred, standard, preferred add-on and standard add-on, depending on whether the customer has purchased a preventative maintenance agreement or not.

Forms can be set to display only the appropriate price options. If a preventative maintenance or contract invoice is created, the invoice will automatically be populated with the contracted prices and services so all the worker needs to do is have the customer sign the ticket.In the setup for “Prices on Invoices” 5HEA where they define the line item prices, there is a new button to show “Other Price Sheets”. There are currently 10 alternate price columns for each line item, but more can be added if needed.  Forms can be programmed to display, or the technician can simply select the alternate pricing that corresponds to the price sheet of the customers. There are no limits to the workflow and data options in Real Time Forms. Only the price list options that apply to the specific customer will be displayed to the technician.

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