Hidden Treasure

jaray_treasuresA comment we often hear when we meet with our customers is that they didn’t know that something they wanted was already included with their system. They find things accidentally  – usually when they just hit a key wrong or call in for support and we log in to help them and notice they don’t have something set up. See those three little jewels in the upper left corner of the menu? Click them to make the screen larger or smaller. Works great when you use different devices to log in with. You can even have different sizes on the same desktop.

Check the updates button on your main menu often. Subscribe to this blog, and let us know if you want something special. We care and are here to serve.

One of the benefits of the Famhost family of integrated system is that all of the server and network processing runs in a secure virtual desktop, not on the user’s local device. Rather than sending your information back and forth across the Internet and finally uploading it on your computer or tablet, we securely process the data on our servers and simply display it on your device. That eliminates the possibility of your data being intercepted by the bad guys. You don’t have to worry about your company’s data being hacked because it is never exposed to the public Internet. It also enables us to apply all the updates for you. So when you log in each morning, you simply log in; you don’t have to wait for the JaRay system to update. Every time you have to update something that runs on your local device, you can appreciate that your most important application was updated and tested for you by us in the middle of the night so it wouldn’t affect you.

The Famhost system has enabled many of our customers to reduce or eliminate an IT staff. However, a downside is that many of our customers have not properly applied operating system, device, and security updates on their local equipment.

Cozette helps Rick update a server at 2:00 A.M.

Because JaRay runs on Famhost servers, we do all of the updates for you. However, when we log in to help you, we usually piggyback into your session, not on your local devices. We may not see any problems that you might have on your local equipment.

In most cases, malware or viruses on your local system don’t affect how JaRay runs. However, since printing and scanning obviously need to use your local printers and scanners, the device drivers on your computers need to be installed properly and updated to work properly. We created the cloud printing system to simplify the support, but unfortunately, it does slow down printing and creates extra steps. After our last round of training sessions, I realized that many of our customers wanted local printing. We updated all of the servers to enable it, but very few customers are able to use it because a program has to be installed on their local systems and our customers either didn’t want to take the time to install the client or needed to have an outside IT company do it. We’ve always been hesitant to provide technical support for the local devices, but this is important to us. So, we’ve hired additional staff and added licenses to our hardware support software system to help you.

We will install your local printers at no cost to you. Andy Clark is the project manager and will remotely log into each of your workstations and check it to make sure it has the necessary updates before installing the client. We are offering this as a free service. Before joining Famhost, Andy worked for the City of Wichita using the same HIPAA compliant processes and tools that we are using. If you would like to set up an appointment, install the client yourselves or want your IT department to do it, just give Andy a call at 800-658-1676 (8-5 Central Time) and he will provide the details.

We want you to fully utilize everything that Famhost and JaRay has to offer.

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