WWETT Show More New Product Announcement

Wow. What a show. This is probably the best show we’ve ever done. By the time I get to the room I’ve been exhausted. If you get a chance, come by the booth and we’ll give you a preview of 2 more new products and a couple with major updates.

So, #4 on the list is the Fam2Mail system. You can now automatically send any postal-serviceRealTimeForm, form, invoice, statement, letter, or anything else via email, text, and now Mail with the push of a button. The way it works is that we design an envelope with your logo. When you want to mail something, you just push the Fam2Mail button in JaRay (setup is required) simply check the Mail checkbox on a form. Depending on whether you want the form to automatically mail or route through the office or manager, the next day is it mailed via 1st class mail with your logo on the envelope. You can automatically mail post cards for product announcements, letters, and even multi-page bids or technical documents. Color or Black and White. – No more trips to the post office, buying stamps, envelopes and stationary. No need for a postage meter, no more obsolete numbered invoices. No more toner or expensive copier repairs. No more working late stuffing envelopes. – Cost is only $1 per page. Including stamp, envelope and your document. No minimum. Pay for only what you use.

#5 on the list is the new Famalytics system. This enables you to instantly create any kind famalytics-logoof report you want and view it in a graphical format. You can even click on a pie chart, bar graph, or other graphs and drill down to see what is driving the data. . . even across multiple branches. For your managers, you will be able to predefine the options you want them to see and set them up so that they will either get them via email or click them on their login. We’re really excited about this one. It enables you to simply look at your company information all types of ways without having to have us design the reports for you.

#6 is a completely revised CloudLinkit document management system. It enables you to easily capture paper or digcloudlinkitital documents and connect them to business processes to reduce costs while increasing accessibility, security, and compliance. As with most of the Famhost products, you can set workflows for your needs. We even have a gateway appliance enables your multifunction printer or scanner to  automatically scan your documents directly into the CloudLinkit system. Your salespeople and managers can view anything in your CloudLinkit system that you give them rights for right from the field. When you fill out a RealTimeForm, a copy is automatically stored and indexed by the customer directly into their CloudLinkit folder. Videos, photos, drawings, phone call recordings, or any digital file can be viewed by whoever you want, with any workflow.

#7 is our updated GPS Window mapping system. A right click on the map enables you to toggle on and off whether you want to see all of your jobs or trucks . . . or both. All in real time. When a job or truck’s status changes, the color of the icogps-window-logo-largens change. Show realtime traffic conditions, click the truck to send a text message to the driver. When you click a truck, you can not only see how fast they are driving, but also the posted speed limit on the road. Click the satellite view to check parking options. Text “Where Paul” to from any authorized phone to see not only where “Paul” is, but also where he is supposed to be on the same text message. Click on the link and it will open your phone’s default mapping program to see the him on a map. If you have JaRay, it is already active on your system.

Booth 6318. See you there!

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