WWETT Show New Product Announcements

I have never been more excited about our product offerings. After almost 4 years of intensive development, I can truthfully say that I’m proud of our mobile offering. There is so much that went into it from how it reacts with different types of tablets, whether the user has a connection or not, how it interfaces with the backend systems, and especially how the field workers like it and whether they think it is too complicated or not.

So, #1 on the list is the Mobile App. We call it RealTimeForms, but it is actually a platform that enables you to create any kind of app and have it interface with any of the Famhost apps and Quickbooks. Other integrations are coming soon. It includes Invoicing for all kinds of businesses, Inventory, Bids & proposals, Inspection forms, DOT forms, Time Sheets, OSHA and other compliance forms, permits, and any form you currently use. You can also set up work flows so that certain forms have to be approved by different managers.

#2 (for today!) is Auto Dispatching! We’ve played with this one for years. Now you have the ability with just a click to move jobs into a queue so that when the mobile worker finishes a job, he automatically gets his next one without needing to call in. You still maintain as much or as little control as you need. A big thing is that worker can’t see other other people’s jobs unless you want them to.

print-options4#3 (for today!) is Printing. That sounds funny to say. The Famhost platform now enables you to print to the printer of your choice just like any other application from either a PC or Mac. You can even save a bunch of individual documents and print them all at one time. They can also be converted to a PDF and copied to your clipboard or just printed to your screen. Reports can be converted to Excel° or  CSV.  But that’s not all! Now any document or documents (like statements) can be batch emailed with your signature just like you were emailing from a client. But that’s not all! Now you can print to mail. That means that any document like bids, statements, post cards for announcing new products or contracts due, copies of invoices, and letters can be mailed by just clicking the “Mail” button! Famhost automatically prints the document(s) and prints envelopes with the appropriate logo (you can have different logos for different companies) puts it all together and mails it first class mail – all for less than you can buy a stamp, envelope, and print it yourself – not even counting labor. Just think, at the end of the day, there is no mad rush to get the mail together and drive to the post office. You can print from anywhere, your computer, your tablet, your home, your office. No printer needed.


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