WWETT Show Attendees

WWETT 2017 kicks off February 22 at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis. Phillip (my youngest brother) and I drove down last night and we’re getting things ready. Phillip runs the plumbing division of our family’s Roto-Rooter franchise. Here are the Famhost team members who will be joining us:

Tom Farmer, another brother, and his wife Deanna. I’ve wanted Tom to join the Famhost team since 2005! He is a senior member of the American Society for Quality (ASQ), a professional affiliation he has held for over 20 years and his specialty is Customer-focused Strategic Planning, Process Management and Team Building. What a joy it is for me to work with so many family members as we continue to make Famhost a world class system.

Ron Nibbelink comes to Famhost with 30+ years of experience in software design and development. Ron specializes in solutions that provide business intelligence – insightful success metrics and analytics to help business owners focus on opportunities for improving quality, profitability, and growth. He looks forward to helping our customers leverage their data to uncover and focus on business improvements that matter most.

Melinda Miller has been with Famhost since 2005. If you’ve come to our training seminars, you’ve met probably met her. She serves as the company’s focal for user manuals and training aids to promote the use of JaRay best practices. Her youngest daughter, Hailey is my co-boss. We have all these little kids running around our office now. What an incredible blessing it is to work in an environment our sole mission is to help people.

Jane (my sister) and Ray Jantz have decided to stay home this year so that Melinda could come. We’ve also got three new programmers that they want to work with and are right in the middle of a couple of new integrations. This is an incredibly fun time as we roll out our new mobile applications.

James Thorne brings to Famhost almost 10 years of sales and marketing experience. He has a diverse background with national companies, large privately owned ventures, and a great understanding of the banking industry. James appreciates the importance of businesses that provide specialized service, and his goal is to make things as efficient and smooth as possible for their customers.

Brooke Mueller is pure excitement and you will love her! Not only does Brooke have a great deal of knowledge in the areas of sales, bids and contracts, customer relations, and business support, but she truly cares about people and remembers important things like birthdays, work anniversaries, and has fun with them . . . like Paula used to do. Brooke assists in the coordination of Famhost’s sales-related processes and customer interface and doesn’t let things fall between the cracks. She is the epitome in satisfying customers’ needs to exceed their expectations.

Come and meet the members of your team! Booth 6318. Let’s do something great together.

One thought on “WWETT Show Attendees

  1. I’ve never dealt with a member of your team that I haven’t felt like I’ve known them all my life. (and yes, I do miss Paula). The team is always friendly, helpful and even fun to deal with. We don’t take advantage of all your gizmos but what we do have, we couldn’t live without! Keep it up guys.

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