Security Update

We believe it is important for you to know that in response to the April 7th’s disclosure of CVE-2014-016 aka Heartbleed, we have conducted a comprehensive security review.

JaRay runs in a secure Famhost server farm with continuous safeguards and monitoring in place. Data like phone call recordings, photos, scans, video and other files are stored in the AWS cloud and linked.

No user or connection to the cloud has direct access to JaRay files and since we started hosting JaRay in 1999, no user credentials have ever been  compromised. I know that it can be frustrating when you get locked out of JaRay or we need to do unscheduled reboots to apply updates but sometimes we get too cautious. For years, many of our customers have requested  mobile apps.

Our mobile bridge security and driver login algorithms are now in place so we will soon offer access  without requiring a full JaRay license. We won’t compromise on security. Almost 25% of our operating budget is spent on keeping your data safe.

Watch for the many new apps on Android, iOS, and Windows  for your managers, drivers, owners, and even customers.

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