New Login Process

To stay in compliance with HIPAA, PCI, and other new identity protection rulings, we’ve changed the login process.

There a number of benefits to your company as a result and we believe that your users will love them. The biggest change is that when they log in to the Famhost server, they will log in with all the rights that you set up for them when you determine their security access levels and which applications they can run in the Employee setup menu at 6N. They will no longer need to log into JaRay with a username and password each time they open a new screen.

Each user will receive their own personalized navigational bar at the top of the screen which can be moved around or even minimized. When they click on an application, the application will automatically open without requiring another username and password.

There are no restrictions and you can open as many windows as you need on each monitor. You can use any screen resolution and can run one monitor for your mapping system another for dispatching, another for Linkwriter or proposals, customer records or any other combination of screens or multiple windows. You can see that the applications open very fast.

The only additional cost is the monitor and you may need to add additional ports on your computer. Since all the processing happens on the server side, very little resources or bandwidth is required on the client side. That is very important as we move into wireless devices because it affects bandwidth, speed and data costs. Because nothing is cached on the user’s device, the system is very secure. If a user loses or has a laptop stolen, for example, the thief can’t get any of your company’s information.

Another benefit for your management staff is that you can now use the system on almost any device that is capable of accessing the Internet. So you can run the application at your office on a pc, your home on your Apple computer, at a restaurant on your cell phone and on a flight or in your car with an iPad or Android device. There are no additional Famhost fees as long as you don’t exceed the number of user licenses. You may need to purchase an inexpensive 3rdparty client depending on the type of device you are running.

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